January 16, 2017

The Inflection Point (#2)

Before I begin regaling you with the trials and tribulations of my actual bar R&D pursuits, I would ask that you indulge me this one pedantic post as to how I arrived at this moment in my life. I promise subsequent posts to be more light-hearted (and ideally, good enough for a few laughs)!  But not this one!  This one is profound.  It is compelling.  It is the culmination of years of peer-reviewed research (well, maybe not years, and definitely not peer-reviewed, but definitely a few weeks-worth and, umm, I did drunkenly share the concept with a few guys on a ski trip once).  But I digress...

In everyone's life, there typically comes a few moments of self-assessment – moments of introspection and contemplation. "Am I doing what I want to be doing?" In many instances, the question is little more than rhetorical, as circumstances may dictate the need to continue on the path one is following.  But frequently, the answer to that question is a resounding “No.”  And if other life conditions are right (as mine happen to be right now), an individual can, at a specific moment in time, choose to alter the current direction of the arc of their life, and pursue a different path.  This all-important moment is The Inflection Point (in reality, it is not an instant in time, but rather on the order of many months or even a few years).

“Inflecting” first occurs during during your 20s and could lead to a variety of pursuits, like post-graduate study, a marriage proposal, joining the Peace Corps or enlisting in the military. I know folks who even decided to attempt to write screenplays for a living (let's call this one, more aptly, a brief inflection, followed by rejection, followed by more inflection). I would classify these decisions as life’s first major inflection (say, the leftmost point of the blue curve above). A monumental choice - a decision or group of decisions to guide the next phase of one’s life for years to come.

As one approaches their 40s, however, another moment of self-reflection often occurs (yes, for boys and for girls!).  Cynically referred to as a mid-life crisis, this moment is not necessarily a “crisis” defined by a new car, a new career, a beard, earring and new girl/boyfriend. No, in my story, it is rather a well-thought through decision to pursue something fulfilling in the next phase of life, that which the previous phase might not have afforded (ummm, and a new car).

It is at this Inflection Point, I have decided to (happily) leave corporate America behind and pursue a venture that will allow me to express myself and enjoy myself to the fullest.  I imagine I will be leveraging the skills I have developed over my first "life phase" in a new way.  I intend to maximize the opportunity to achieve the sense of accomplishment I crave, while ideally minimizing other stresses of life along the way.

At the change in the curvature of the arc of my life, I intend to pursue the opening of this bar, tentatively, but appropriately called, The Inflection Point (see how it all comes full circle?).

As mentioned, but definitely worth repeating, I have no experience in this!  So, my first step is research.  And the first step in my research is to go to a bar and get a drink!  Just kidding (I need to go to many bars and get many drinks)! I intend to talk to everyone I know in the industry.  And they'll both probably laugh and laugh at me. But it's where I am starting - good 'ol market research (maybe business school wasn't a complete waste of time and money!)... and, with that, excuse me, I have some work to do.


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  1. I think it is great that you are taking a risk and following your dream. I wish you many Mai tai's, and other exotic drinks on your journey!