January 30, 2017

What's in a Name? It's Time to Vote! (#4)

How do you come up with the name of a bar?

After coming up with the "Inflection Point" philosophy (see Post #2), it dawned on me that it was kind of a cool phrase.  While I may have a predisposition for nerdy mathematical terms, I felt that the combination of the geometrical and philosophical components would make for a decent name for the bar.  Sure, it lent itself to a bar with a concept that might be more intellectual (think: debating the best movies of all times with your friends!), mentally stimulating (think: strategy games like, umm,  Cards Against Humanity!), and technological (think: robotic waitstaff with cocktail delivering drones!) which, I fully understand could be perceived to possibly target too narrow of a demographic.  But nevertheless a good name!  "Let's meet up at to the Point!" I could hear them all saying...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in the research phase of this bar endeavor.  Over brunch a few weeks ago, my father mentioned a new website where you could pay lots of people almost nothing and get real feedback on ideas, marketing concepts or any "human intelligence task."  It's called Mechanical Turk and it's an Amazon service (www.mturk.com).  And the kernel of an idea began to form... I had gotten a B+ in Market Research class at business school (which makes me like a total EXPERT)!  So, without too much forethought, I went to the site to test it out (cost me $22).  I used wikipedia to find old bar names from movies, I made up some new bar names (turns out, I stole a few existing trademarks accidentally) and even threw some real bar names into the mix. And I asked 200 people to weigh in. [Funny side note: if you type "bar" too fast, it comes out "bra" - so for a moment I got distracted trying to think up new names for bras!]

Ummm, last place?  WTF?

Even worse... first place was... The Blue Parrot? (the rival bar in Casablanca)  The Blue Parrot???

Who were these absolute morons taking this poll?  I had a flash to the fundamental rule of market research: If you are not going to use the results, there is no need to conduct the research.  But thankfully, I also just remembered the second rule of market research... a new study means new results!

So, I have decided to conduct a new poll... a more accurate poll.  Based on you - who I hope to be my future demographic!  Feel free to answer as honestly as possible. Feelings will not be hurt! And besides, the poll is totally anonymous (if I can even figure out how to find the results it will be a minor miracle!  Blogging ain't as easy as it looks!)  What should the new name be?

What's the best name?

Rabble Rouser
The Inflection Point
The Provocateur
The Point
Wit & Sass
Wits End

So, not that it needs to be said, but when the bar opens, if you called the name right.... no free drinks!  I can't have hundreds of people claiming to have named the bar and demanding free rounds all night.  I have a business to run!

I doubt this will be the last discussion about the name, but I feel we are off to a good start.  Feel free to add other suggestions in the comments section! And now, the real work is about to begin. Until next time...



  1. While I am going to vote from the list provided. I know you know my choice (which isn't on the list provided). Can you guess?

  2. How about "Lower" as in "Lower, the Bar"

  3. I particularly like the Proost part ;)

  4. (#ChayNgayDi #RunNow #เรียกใช้เดี๋ยวนี้) Teaser chạy ngay đi