April 26, 2017

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together! (#10)

Oh, Hannibal! Truer words were never spoken!

Planning is everything.  But watching the A-Team growing up showed me that executing against the plan is actually more fun! (As an aside, ever notice that despite bullets flying everywhere, massive explosions, and countless jeep rollovers, no one was ever, ever, ever killed?!)

Hmmm... Let's see... A quick update, perhaps?

Made an offer for an existing place! Offer accepted[YAY!] (well, rejected at first[BOO!]. Offer increased (sigh) [YAY- no, wait, BOO!]. Then accepted[YAY!]). Deposit submitted. Lawyer engaged. Landlord engaged. Designer engaged. Website creator engaged. Architect engaged. Contractor engaged. Kitchen specialist engaged. Bookkeeper engaged. And now you're engaged... err... up-to-date!

So, what is this "A-Team" doing? Everything to get the Wit's End business and location up and running!
  • Designer - Working on the fun stuff: logo, website, messaging 
  • Architect - Figuring out how to inexpensively translate my vision inexpensively into the physical world (the second 'inexpensively' is for emphasis - in case they are reading this!)
  • Contractor - Completed inspection walk-through... with minimal sighs and groans - I could have sworn I even heard a "not bad" mumbled along the way
  • HVAC/Refrigeration - Inspected key building and kitchen systems. Uh-oh, a bad compressor for the walk-in fridge! Negotiations ahead (or a dry-goods only menu - beer nuts for all!)
  • Landlord - Assessing my "worthiness" to take over the lease (I swear I'm the worthiest! - in case he is reading this!)
  • Broker - Pestering me incessantly to push the deal forward faster (just kidding - in case he's reading this!)
  • Attorneys - Spinning up entity, reviewing lease, writing purchase and sales agreement, making sure licenses are clean and spending lots of hours doing what I could probably have done online for about $100 (but totally worth it - in case they are reading this!)
  • Bookkeeper - poised with spreadsheet open and checks ready to be cut (but not too many! - in case he's reading this!)
What is next, you might ask?  Well, how about me waking up at 3AM last night in a cold sweat? Perhaps my subconscious finally believed me that THIS IS HAPPENING! It's Go Time! Sure, it's not done until the ink is dry, but we're getting there fast!  And I need people who can manage the bar and manage a kitchen (if you know anyone, don't hesitate to reach out - in case you're reading this!)

Looks like it's time for another plan!
Da-di-dah-daaah...  Dah-dah-daaaah!
(that was the A-Team theme... obviously)


April 5, 2017

Here's Hoping the Bard is Right! (#9)

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet."

How can one argue with Shakespeare? (In full disclosure, I wanted to be sure I knew what I was talking about... so, yet again, hats off to Google! Cliff's Notes: Willie says names don't matter.) If you disagree, answer me this:  Is it Location, Location, Location? Or Name, Name, Name?

Now, I know that not everyone will be satisfied with the selected name because, well, because of the 107 votes cast, only 28 chose it. And yes, a whopping 41 chose "Steins." And in 3rd place, with a paltry 15 votes, was "The Inflection Point."  So, on one hand, I'm totally listening to the people...Inflection Point is out. On the other hand, no one ever said this was a democracy!

Here's my rationale: Steins is a good, strong name (after all, fun fact: Stein is German for "Rock"). And, yes, the pun would be intended (if I have to explain the pun, it's already too late for you). But 95% of the patrons in my bar won't know that I am a "Stein." So they will naturally think it's a "beer bar" and that is not the concept nor reputation I'm shooting for. I hate disappointing people (inadvertently).

BUT... given the concept is about intelligent debate, animated conversation and witty discourse... What better name can there be but (...drum roll...) WIT'S END! (...pregnant pause...cymbal rolling on floor... or... slow clap?).

So, get ready to come raise a glass at Wit's End!  (and if you really hate it... blame Shakespeare!)

Ummm, one small caveat.  And I probably shouldn't be publishing this, but...  So, there IS a Wit's End Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado who happens to have trademarked their name.  That could present an issue, but I am hoping it won't. Lawyers are investigating.  And it's Colorado, so I can only imagine they are pretty laid back folks who realize there is little chance my tiny bar will dilute their brand (or vice versa!)  Besides, I can always sell their beer!