August 4, 2017

See First that the Design is Wise and Just; that Ascertained, Pursue it Resolutely (#13)

Yes, I'm back to Shakespeare... or am I? While that quote (this blog's title) is widely attributed to Shakesepeare, it is not found in his plays. Is this then, Fake News? Some think so... I'll leave that up to you to figure out! For me, I'm just trying to say that it's time to talk design!

I am an engineer by training/education. Ask anyone who knows me, "great design sense" would likely not make the top 25 list of traits I possess. Or 50. Or 75. (I am going to go out on a limb and say, yes, it would be in the top 100 - I mean, how many actual traits are there?)  So, from my perspective, "designing" the bar's decor was a daunting task. To be sure, I had lists and lists of ideas, but bringing them all together into a cohesive form? Yikes.

(Cue the trumpets!) Enter LLM Design ( They helped, and continue to help, me define the entire brand experience - basically, they're wrangling my thousand ideas into a few actionable ones. Oh, and designing the interiors. And doing my website. And logo. And menu layout. And even come up with messaging and some cool taglines like: Wit's End -  Lift a Glass, Raise the Bar, Elevate the Conversation. (Cool, right? Recall the concept is about stimulating discussion, engaging in debate, and having fun!) Well, they've been working pretty hard and things are beginning to take shape...

Here's a preview of some "decor" elements...

The Bar
There are two sides to every story. Two perspectives. Two opinions. So why shouldn't there be two sides to the bar? Covered in tiles to keep it entertaining...

TV Talk
I didn't spend 6 years collecting TV Guides for nothing (almost 300 guides). I just didn't know WHY I was doing it. Until  now. The TV Guide Wall...

Center Table
Enjoy sitting, eating, drinking and playing! You'll be encouraged to do it all, especially as a guest sitting at the Center Table...

Menu Cover
Yes, decisions all the way to the menu cover need to be made...

The Great Movie Wall
I happen to love movies. I love talking about them. I love quoting them. I love trivia involving them. So why wouldn't I incorporate them into Wit's End? I wouldn't... not... umm... I did! Can you name the movies these represent? Got other ideas? This is your chance to be enshrined on a wall (I know, right?!)...

The Logo
The brand is beginning to take shape. The concept is congealing. The operations train is leaving the station. Decisions are being made every day. With all this going on, I will be posting more frequently now. And you'll start to see this more and more... (T-shirts will be on sales soon! ;-) )

Ċ½ivjeli! Uzdravlje!


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