September 16, 2017

Be Careful What You Wish For! (#15)

As of Friday, September 8, 2017, my LinkedIn profile became a lie. I am no longer a future bar owner. I am a CURRENT bar owner! (Or just "bar owner," as we, ahem, like to say in the industry.)

Papers are passed.
Deal is closed.
The countdown has begun...

The last 8 months were a seeming walk in the park. It's sprint time...
  • A real schedule needs to be solidified
  • Construction needs to start (demolition begins MONDAY!)
  • Vendors (lots and lots of them) need to be lined up
  • Servers and cooks and bartenders need to be hired
  • Kitchens and bars (well, one kitchen and one bar) need to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Furniture needs to be ordered (I have too many stool samples! Ummm, bar stool samples, that is)
  • Plateware and glassware need to be ordered
  • Last minute design decisions still need to be made
  • Technology needs to be defined and implemented
  • Back of the house systems (security, music, internet, phone, TV, etc.) need to be turned on
  • Menus need final creation and definition
  • Concept needs a better "elevator speech," and...
  • Marketing needs to begin!
Wait - marketing already began! Unbeknownst to me, a little story was cobbled together from a Craig's List job posting and this very blog! Click Here to see Wit's End's very first press! (As an aside, check out the double possessive punctuation in the last sentence! Which leads to a very Witsendian topic (yes, that's an attempt to coin a new word, Witsendian... give it time, I feel it will catch on): Is the punctuation on "Wit's End" actually correct? Should it be Wits' End? (and... are nested parentheses even legitimate?)).

Despite not being interviewed for that story, my proactive marketing efforts must begin soon! These days, I am told, that means social media. Yes, while I may be a generation (or two) outside of the prime social media using demographic, I do have an expert consultant on staff (and for the right price, too - my 15 year old daughter, Annie)! So, in about a week, I will post my social media sites and I want all of you to get that Instagram account and figure out finally what Twitter actually is used for and friend, like, follow, join or whatever else needs to be done to stay apprised of all things Wit's End! (Don't worry, for you old fogies, I'll walk you through it!)

If time allows, I intend to also literally kick start this effort with an actual campaign that should enable the mutual backscratching thing (I scratch yours, you  scratch mine). I hope to afford all of you special Wit's End benefits, deals and discounts (consider it a reward for enduring my blog!). And you won't have to do all that much to get them (just a tiiiiny little bit)!

Now, I have to go and finish making these friggin' tables....



  1. Congratulations, Pete!! I know this has been a long row to hoe. But I am glad you have reached your Wits End!

  2. I live across the street, can I store my board games at your place, they take up a lot of space... :O jk

  3. I know the song, which has the same name as your article. As for me, it is a very deep proverb and I always remember it, when I am going to do something.