October 17, 2017

Clearly, I was unclear. (#17)


So much to do, so little time. The place is shaping up nicely. Still looking for a bartender or two! I am delaying my opening until mid-November. But please read this, and if you are so inclined, act now. I would think most of you would - well those of you who like great deals, anyway. It's an email I will be sending out shortly.
Hi everyone,

If you are receiving this, I either know you or know someone that knows you.  I have spent the last 10 months planning to open a bar/restaurant in Cambridge, MA. And the time is very near. Everything is fully funded and ready to go. I would be honored if you would come by for a visit. It's called Wit's End and it's in Inman Square.

I wanted to find a way to give my network a special benefit by giving you a gift card for an amount at least 30% more than the value of your contribution. That's it. There are no gimmicks. If you plan to visit anytime in the future, this should be a no brainer.

You will also get other trinkets, like T-shirts and coasters and - for a larger investment - the opportunity to leave your mark on the bar itself!

I chose kickstarter as a way to facilitate this offer. It is a means to get this out to you in an easy and accessible way. I have heard from people that doing it on kickstarter is confusing and strange - and that my keen business mind is up to something (obviously they don't know me that well - my mind is far from keen). But I think it just might be an atypical kickstarter campaign. There is not much typical in my life these days! 

This is an all or nothing proposition. About 15 people have contributed and will be receiving bigger gift cards than they paid for - some will have left their mark on the bar forever! But we need to reach the $5,000 mark for anyone to get anything (we are 35% of the way there).

So, here it is... Click here now. Contribute. Get more in return. 

Click this ==> KickStart Wit's End


October 4, 2017

Getting Social and Kick Starting with the Ghost-to-Ghost (#16)

I can honestly say I may never have been busier with so many tasks than I have been over the past few weeks! But everything seems to be coming together... I think. From cleaning, to construction, to certifications, to hiring, to technology integration, to signing up vendors, to health inspections, to equipment maintenance, to operational processes, to furniture procurement (and selling) to the ever important table and coaster making, there is more to do than there are hours in the day (plus a bit of time reserved for anxiety, anticipation and excitement).


For this to be a success, there is one major component that ultimately, I cannot control. And that is you, my... ummm... Wit's Enders.  Without any of you, all of this effort will be for naught. Now, that doesn't mean I can't TRY to control you! So, I am going to ask each of you for a favor. It's very simple. Together, perhaps we can all work to make this a huge success through a tiny, little selfless act. But first, a very short story...(you can skip to FAVOR below, if you must...)

When I was young, I loved to read books from a series called The Three Investigators. The books were mysteries (like the Hardy Boys books) chronicling the tales of three young boys - Jupiter Jones, Bob Andrews and Pete Crenshaw - as they solved one mystery after another. (I never thought, until now, how convenient it was that they continually had mysterious things happen all around them - enough to fill about 42 books... but I digress.) One "tool" they invented was called the "Ghost-to-Ghost" hookup. You can read about it here, I think - I don't have time. :-)

As I remember, however, the essence is this. Each of those sleuthy dudes called 5 additional friends and asked them to either spread the word about something or be on the lookout for something. BUT, they also asked their friends - because they had influence (which I am certain you have) - to also call 5 more friends and relay the same message. And asked them to call 5 more... and you can see how this, plus a little 7th grade math, makes this the greatest ponzi scheme, errr, I mean communication scheme in the world.

I have started a kickstarter campaign. You can read about it through the link below, but if you are ever going to go to Wit's End, this will be worth it. Wit's End also has an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. I am asking for your support and for you to join the kickstarter campaign (again, will be worth your while) as well as like/follow these accounts. Here's the favor, can you do that PLUS, send an email or SHARE the kickstarter campaign with your network, but more specifically, ask them to do the same (between you and me, I think a personal email to 5 trusted friends might go just as far as a "Share," but ultimately, it's your call)?!

That's it.  Please, do it now? I know you are super busy. But if you don't, you'll never come back to it, you know that. I'll owe you one. And, well, you'll know where I'll be for you to collect! Click below for each!

(and my new personal Facebook Profile)

In the end, this is  all is being done to serve you, my current and future friends. So I thank you genuinely for helping me to make this venture a success!