November 27, 2017

Game On! (#18)

We are open! And yes, I am tired!  But excited.  Things continue to get smoother each day. The drinks are awesome. The food is getting great feedback. And eeveryone seems to be really taking to the place. The move symbol wall is challenging everyone. The riddles on the chalkboards are perplexing.  People are wondering whether "Send Nudes" in the Scrabble Bar was just a coincidence! Saturday night, surprisingly had about 8 tables playing all sorts of games, as well.

Next up... marketing and word of mouth.  We need to go viral-ish. So, please check out the article below and share it with your social media networks! Not sure what more to say. Except, come on over tonight! (Yes, I will be there when you arrive. We open at 4:30PM every day!)

Check this article out from today!

And here are some photos.  First one is Wit's End Customer #1!