March 1, 2018

I'm alive! More on that soon... (#19)

Hello all!
It has been a few months.
It has been hectic.
It has been exhilarating.
It has been fun.
It still is being challenging.... and entertaining.

And I will regale you with stories.

But for now....

Sunday is Oscar day, if you have not heard...
(Best Picture Nominee: Lady Bird).

6PM is trivia! You can gain some fame...
(Best Picture Nominee: Call Me By Your Name).

8:30PM we watch to hear what Jimmy Kimmel said...
(Best Picture Nominee: Phantom Thread).

With any luck, he won't be a jerk...
(Best Picture Nominee: Dunkirk).

But he will poke fun of those in the Ivory Tower...
(Best Picture Nominee: Darkest Hour).

Then the fun begins. Winners win prizes and losers pout...
(Best Picture Nominee: Get Out).

At Wit's End, the competition for predictions will grow hotter and hotter...
(Best Picture Nominee: The Shape of Water).

And with the Best Picture Winner, we will have a Prosecco Toast...
(Best Picture Nominee: The Post).

Reserve your space now, to avoid the hoards...
(Best Picture Nominee: Three Billboards).

Email: or me at for reservations!

За здоровье!


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