August 1, 2018

And Now... We Brunch. (#21)

I opened a bar.

There are times it still hasn't sunk in, but then I wake up at 10AM (juuust kidding - more like 9:30) and remember this has really happened (and then I freak out and start thinking about all the things I need to get done... so I do the natural thing; I roll over and go back to sleep).

The best part is that it seems that people like it. They really, really like it! But enough channeling of Sally Field. Thanks to your help (well, some of you anyways), we are now in the running to be the "Best Brunch in Cambridge!" How did I get here?! I'm not exactly sure - it's been a whirlwind (no, not a drunken whirlwind). But never had I imagined that I would need to make decisions around topics like:

- Straws: Should we try to make and use bacon straws?
- Celery: A bloody mary must? Or a relic of old?
- French Toast: Too "normal?" Is French Toast Casserole as good?
- Custard: Is that really what you call the batter you dip French Toast in? (yes, lots of french toast questions)
- Biscuits: Can they really be that hard to make good?

Where'd the "bar" part go?

Don't get me wrong, there is a still a substantial "drinks" component to a brunch done right (i.e., our brunch). We have more choices of bloody marys, mimosas, bellinis and shandys than I can keep up with (luckily, my bartenders can)! I do sometimes wonder if we've gone over the top as one could spend hours at Wit's End tasting, evaluating and debating all of these drinks... hey... genius! And I take solace in F. Scott Fitzgerald's insight: "Too much of anything is a bad thing, but too much champagne is just right." (note: insert Prosecco for Champagne... but the idea is the same).

Well, the "Best Brunch" voting has ended and now we wait. For a few weeks. I'm trying to post more, so I hope you'll hear from me before the results are announced. Feel free to direct me in what you might be interested in hearing about. I have stories of employee retention, operations, processes gone awry, food (the good, bad and ugly), menus, games, preparedness, reviews, first dates and split checks (this is a hardly understandable practice - to me - I think this might be my next blog entry), technology and spreadsheets, food ordering, work schedules, crazy customers and more.  Leave some comments and let me know what might pique your interest!

But until then, I'll be cooking brunch (totally kidding, no way I could do that)!



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