September 24, 2018

Game Night! (#23)

Hello, my Wit's End Community!

From now on I will call you "WitsEnders!" No, maybe "WitsEndians!" Hmmm... perhaps "Witsonians?" Any, feel free to comment and let me know what you prefer!

Let the GAMES....Commence!

We are kicking off Tuesday Game Nights (maybe not eeeevery Tuesday just yet, but bear with us and stay tuned - follow us on Facebook @witsendinman or Instagram @witsend_inman for updates) with an interesting one. 

Starting tomorrow (yes, tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25) at 6PM we will have a host for the amazing bluffing game (kinda role-playingish?) called Blood on the Clocktower (!

Come play with us and enjoy 50% off appetizers while you search for a demon to kill while trying not be killed yourself! That's right, I said DEMON!

Get a group of friends or colleagues and come on down after work! Seriously, what else are you doing on a Tuesday night? Say YES more!

Sign up or show interest on the Facebook Event:  (and feel free to reserve at